5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Write Off



For most business owners and freelancers out there taxes can feel quite daunting, especially if you're not anticipating a tax return. To help you catch a break and inspire you to stay on top of those receipts for next years tax season, we've listed a handful of the most overlooked write-off items that you didn't know you could claim.

Out-of-pocket charitable deductions

If you contribute to your community and help with charitable work, or give charitable donations that include out-of-pocket costs, don't let your big heart get overlooked by the IRS. Whether you've donated food for a soup kitchen, bought clothes for a women’s shelter, or even driven your car for charity - make sure to keep those receipts as they can work as a great tax deduction.

Child care credit

For all of those bad ass business owning Momma's out there - If you have to leave your child (who is filed as your dependent under 12 years of age) with a sitter or at a daycare while you’re at work, your child care expenses can serve as a tax credit up to $3000!

PS- This works for business owning Dad's too! 

Luggage fees

Did you know that you can get those frustrating baggage fees back in your pocket when you're traveling for work? Save the airline receipts from any checked baggage that you had to pay for, and mark them as a deduction when you file.

Fostering a pet

If you have yet to commit to adopting a pet and feel more comfortable fostering until you're ready for the plunge - you can include expenses from the pound, vet, and even the food you purchase for your temporary fur baby when you’re filing your taxes. 

Financial advisor/accounting

If you have a financial advisor, tax preparer, or pay to use a program like Quickbooks or Intuit to manage your finances and taxes, you can deduct those fees for the year in which you've payed for them. Still have your receipts from paying your preparer or the programs that you bought? Make sure to include those in on your deductions!

Healthcare for self-employed

If you work for yourself and are paying your own bills, like your own healthcare, include your medical and dental bills in your deductions, as well as bills for your dependents. 

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