Lubo Workshops


LUBO's workshops are designed to provide a know-how environment for our collective members and beyond. With subjects that range anywhere from finance, branding, and being your own boss, to self love practice and learning to follow your intuition - We are looking to create a platform that provides everything you desire to know about running your own creative business. 

Workshops will be held either in person or online depending on the subject or location of the workshop speaker. 



building resilience with cbd and plant medicine with magda of balance and bliss

date : May 30th 2019


location: Santa cruz

This workshop is for you if you often find yourself easily stressed out, struggle to manage stress, your mind is always racing or you would like to become more resilient under pressure. 

During this workshop you will receive: 

- The basics of hemp // cannabis as medicine.

- How CBD can nearly instantly uplift your mood and help you manage stress

- knowledge on the importance of a vital communication network in the body which CBD interacts with

- guidance on honing in on your optimal dose of CBD

-how cbd can optimize your mental capacity, performance & therefore business

- All the important details you need to know when purchasing hemp // cannabis products

- DIY CBD Bath Salts: choose from floral herbs to relaxing essential oils to add into your custom bath soak


DATE : OCtober 24th 2018

time : 6-9pm

Location: Santa Cruz

This workshop is for you if:

-You lack confidence on what to post on social media.
-You're not seeing the results you want.
-You're craving a consistent strategy.
- You want to feel like a bad ass on Instagram!

After this workshop you will be able to:

-Lead with a powerful brand voice!
-Identify your REAL ideal client! 
-Get to the root of why your clients need you!
-Create content that is fun and speaks directly to your ideal client!
-Feel empowered to start creating content in an authentic way! 

On our moon circle with Alex D’amour

date : March 13th 2019


location: Westside, Santa Cruz- the lubo house

ON OUR MOON lives for vulnerability and storytelling. We believe stories heal one another, and that they can connect us across chasms of space and time. In this safe circle, we are bringing our online mission offline by connecting with like-minded people and detaching shame from our essence and replacing it with self-love and self-acceptance. Through guided meditation, journaling and storytelling, we will answer these core questions:

where does shame live within us and how can we replace shame with radical self-love and self-acceptance? 

During this workshop you will receive: 

-a deep understanding of how the spectrum of shame lives within us 

-learn how to embrace your story and past 

-learn how to live a life with radical self-acceptance

-guided meditation 

-opportunity to share and connect deeply with like-minded souls 

All genders welcome. 

Please bring a pen and journal.

IGNITE YOUR MASTEry-Create A Clear Pathway to Your Soul’s Purpose + Sustainable Success with Bree Melanson

Date : JAnuary 9th 2019


location:SANTA CRUZ

Your dreams and visions would not be placed within you if they were not meant to come into fruition.

Ask yourself this:

-Do you feel that you have a bigger purpose here that you are not fulfilling completely?

-Do you Want to expand your influence?

-Are you doing what you love but not making enough money?

-Are you Ready for your next stage of expansion + creative expression?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

During this workshop you will learn:

-how to Set a clear vision for you life and legacy

-How to make decisions from your soul and trust your intuition

-How your ego is blocking your biz and how to get unstuck

-How to clear subconscious roadblocks and move past fears and doubt

-How to bridge the gap between you and your highest expression

-how your purpose is the answer to our collective imbalance

-Group healing around money, expression + creativity